Plan Extranet Sites Migration to SharePoint Online

Extranet sites or Sites having access to external users in SharePoint have been in use for long, across various organizations. It provides great collaboration when working with multiple vendors/partners. There are various articles about external sharing capabilities of SharePoint Online. In this article I am just going to focus on migration scenarios only. Extranet Sites in SharePoint On-Premise There are various ways to implement external access in on-premise SharePoint farms like External Users created in Active Directory in a separate OU and/or account names starting something like ext_ or gst_ to easily identify external/guest users External Users in a separate trusted […]

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How to Use AD Security Groups with SharePoint using ADFS Authentication

Group Search In SP Featured

Few years ago, almost all companies were using their SharePoint environment authenticated directly with AD. Most of those were configured simply to use NTLM authentication. That provided easy SSO for domain joined machines and users accessing from within the company network. Following microsoft guidelines, many companies made use of Active Directory (AD) security groups to provide permissions to a large set of users. Problem Statement With Office 365 and other cloud services, many of those companies started making use of Federated Authentication like Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) to ensure all cloud services use the same credentials and provide SSO. We […]

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SharePoint Crawl Error- Processing this item failed because of a timeout


A few days ago, suddenly in one of the SharePoint farms which my team maintains, after running fine for few months, it started logging the error message “SharePoint Crawl Error- Processing this item failed because of a timeout when parsing its contents” for almost all the content the crawler was trying to index. Background It was a medium size farm, with 2 front end servers, 2 application servers with 2 database servers configured with always on availability groups. The search crawl was schedule to with “Continuous Crawl” with “Incremental Crawl” every 4 hours. Initially we thought it might be a […]

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SharePoint Alerts Email Showing Wrong URL

I encountered an interesting issue in a new SharePoint 2010 farm that I built using content databases from an existing farm. The new farm was built because there had been an split of the company and half of the users moved to the new  company. So, the scenario was that they would continue to use their same AD credentials but use the new SharePoint farm that had been created with relevant content databases of the old farm. So far so good…  A user just forwarded an alert he received from the new farm, because he had subscribed for that alert […]

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A Case Study – Visual Studio 2012 with SharePoint 2010

Introduction This Post highlights some of the business problems that was being faced earlier by our team while developing SharePoint based solutions and how various features of Visual Studio 2012 helped resolved those issues. Problem Statement What we have is a customized product based on SharePoint 2010 platform. Initially earlier versions of Visual Studios were used for the customization along with SharePoint Designer 2010 and Browser based changes. Due to these multiple issues used to come during development, testing and deployment. Creation of Data Structures Since normally any development around SharePoint requires some data structures (Lists/Libraries etc.) to be there. It used […]

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Composite Applications in SharePoint 2010

Here comes another post on SharePoint 2010… you must have got tired by now browsing stuffs on the same topic… finding new features… seems like it’s going to change the world for MOSS developers… is it really? Lets take a look at the concept of Composite Applications in SharePoint 2010. As claimed by Microsoft (MS), a set of following features are referred as Composites – – Business Connectivity Services – InfoPath Form Services – External Lists – Workflow – SharePoint Designer – Visual Studio – API Enhancements – REST/ATOM/RSS The major thrust here is on easily developing Line of Business […]

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