Azure Application Insights or Google Analytics with SharePoint


Recently I was encountered with a question about implementing Google Analytics in a SharePoint on-premise environment that triggered a discussion, whether we should choose Google Analytics or look for Azure Application Insights, which is available in Azure stack. Azure was in use already since SharePoint Servers were hosted on Azure¬†VMs and the Application Insight reports look quite impressive. I started to look into more details about what to expect from both of these. Google Analytics Lets take a look at the Google Analytics first.¬†Google analytics is intended for website usage tracking and traffic optimization, has a nice dashboard and is […]

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How to ensure SharePoint performance during SQL backups

Multiple NIC

Hello Guys, In one of my recent SharePoint 2016 deployment (hosted on Azure VMs), we ran across an issue in which SQL Server 2014 managed backup was enabled for SharePoint databases. The size of all the databases combined was about 2 TB! The problem started when users started using the SharePoint application extensively, resulting in SQL transaction logs getting filled more frequently and hence SQL Managed backup triggering full backups of such databases during peak business hours multiple times. Now, whenever the backup used to get started, the communication between SharePoint server and SQL server started to show issues like […]

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