HTTP to HTTPS Redirection for Web Application on Azure VMs


Sometime ago, I wrote an article about how to achieve http to https redirection in Azure hosted VMs. That solution is still applicable if your Azure environment was built using Classic model and is using Cloud Services. Things are a bit different in Azure Resource Manager model and that’s for good, as it has become even easier to achieve the same. Problem Statement Let’s take a relook at what we are trying to solve here. You have web application (let’s say SharePoint, but this solution is valid for any other web application as well) hosted in Azure VMs, build using […]

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HTTP to HTTPS Redirection for SharePoint Sites hosted on Azure VMs

Lets take a look at a scenario which is getting more and more prominent with many organizations deciding to move their SharePoint environment out of their own data center to host of MS Azure VMs. This is more seen in smaller/medium size companies who completely want to do away with their data centers by moving most/all such services (like Exchange, Lync etc.) to cloud. This article is for VMs created using Classic Model in Azure, If your VMs are created using Azure Resource Manager (ARM), read this article instead Well, when running a medium sized SharePoint farm in-premise, mostly organizations […]

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