Azure QnA Chat Bot with Waterfall Forms Flow


In my previous articles about Azure Chat bot, I talked about how to create a QnA chat bot using MS QnA maker service and use forms flow for a waterfall like conversation within the chat bot. I found many fellow ‘cloudizens’  looking for a simple solution based on QnA template which starts with a greeting to the user and then continues as a default QnA chat bot, like this one. Problem With the default QnA template, you get something like this So, essentially a QnA Chat bot is just an unending sequence of your default dialog, which is expressed as […]

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Integrate Azure Chat Bot with SharePoint


In my previous article, I wrote about how can we create an simple Azure chat bot based on one of the default template, Forms Flow, that Azure Bot comes with. That is good to get us started but to make anything useful, we need to extend the bot. In this article I am going to talk about how can we extend the Azure Chat bot with Forms Flow,  we created last time, and Integrate it with SharePoint. This logic can be used to integrate both with SharePoint on-premise (2013 and 2016) and Online. Problem Statement We are going to extend […]

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Azure Chat Bot with Interactive Forms Flow


A few days ago, I wrote articles about Create your first Azure Chat Bot – Step by Step followed by Configure LUIS application for practical use in Azure bot and Create your first Azure Chat Bot with QnA Service – Step by Step. In this article lets explore how can we create an Azure Chat Bot which can have an interactive forms flow, i.e. a bot which can accept information as if filling a form and take some action based on provided inputs like booking a flight ticket or raising a support request. Half of the steps are similar to what you might […]

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