Office 2013/2016 Client Authentication with SharePoint and ADFS

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Recently one of my customers started rolling out office 2016 to their employees who were previously using office 2010. Though the office 2016 upgrade was going smooth, we started getting complains from a few users regarding multiple credentials popups. Problem Statement The customer had SharePoint 2016 configured with ADFS 3.0 authentication.¬†Users who got migrated to Office 2016 suddenly started getting these authentication prompts when editing office documents which were opened from SharePoint document libraries. An ideal case was – they open the document for editing, leave it open for some time, say 1-2 hours, they get back and when they […]

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How to Use AD Security Groups with SharePoint using ADFS Authentication

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Few years ago, almost all companies were using their SharePoint environment authenticated directly with AD. Most of those were configured simply to use NTLM authentication. That provided easy SSO for domain joined machines and users accessing from within the company network. Following microsoft guidelines, many companies made use of Active Directory (AD) security groups to provide permissions to a large set of users. Problem Statement With Office 365 and other¬†cloud services, many of those companies started making use of Federated Authentication like Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) to ensure all cloud services use the same credentials and provide SSO. We […]

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SharePoint Hosted Apps in AAM or host-header environments for SharePoint 2013 with ADFS

Hey Guys, Many of you might have started working on or at least looking at Hybrid Implementation of SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, probably using some federated Authentication like ADFS 3.0.You might not have faced any issues when installing and running even basic apps from SharePoint store in Office 365 environment, it is not that easy, well at least not that well documented on how this exactly works for In-Premise sites. In some case, you might have got it working in your lab/dev environment easily, but what if you have a SharePoint site with Host Headers defined in IIS. As […]

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